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Brno Half Marathon 2018

The Brno Half Marathon is so routine for us that we could stage it with our eyes closed.
The last edition took place on Sunday the 22nd of April 2018.

The same as the runners know the track, we know all aspects of the organisation like the back of our hands. We deliver the start and finish arches, all the tents for the organising team, winner’s podiums and furniture. There were two tracks – a 10-km and a half-marathon one, both rather flat. The first height difference was the mild slope down Masarykova and Nádražní streets right after the start, which means that a mild elevation awaited the runners on their way back. The other mild elevation runs from Gate 10 to the Pisárky tram depot, and then the track slopes down in the short transition from the cycling route on Hlinky, in front of the main entrance to the exhibition grounds. Overall, the elevation is less than 20 metres per round. Although it’s not a Pikes Peak, we applaud all those who took part. We’d surely complete it too – on a bike with no time limit.

Race track


What was the Brno Half-Marathon like?